Structure Checklist


    All aspects of the final structure are at a safe distance from the power lines and other hazards

    Anchorages are suitable for the purpose and soil condition and are holding fast

    Bracing wires/bars on roof and walls are in place and adequately tensioned

    All ropes, including wire ropes, are sound

    Fabric is tensioned and not prone to ponding

    Emergency exits are in place, operating correctly and are without obstruction (minimum of 2 for tents holding 50 or more people)

    Escape routes are clear of obstruction

    Exposed ropes and stakes adjacent to exists and entrances are marked and/or roped off

    All locking pins and bolts are in place and secure

    All structural supports are sound without cracks or significant dents and not overstressed

    Eaves connection joints are securely locked home

    No tears in fabric are present

    Flooring is evenly laid and there are no tripping points

    Carpet and other floor covering is securely fixed so as to minimize the risk of tripping

    Roof lining does not drop significantly below eaves

    All timber uprights and ridges are free from splits that are likely to cause failure

    Walls are securely pegged and/or secured

    A pole tent has a full complement of side uprights, anchor stakes, pulley blocks and guy ropes

    The main upright(s) is/are independently guyed where appropriate

    Suspended weights are evenly distributed and do not overload the structure; no excessive weights suspended from roof beams, ridges etc.

    Final all-round visual check to satisfy that tent is erected securely


    Client briefed on safe use of the structure and on unauthorized modifications

    Client briefed on precautions to take for adverse weather

    Client briefed on emergency contact procedures- Jim- 07979536128

    I have received and understood the client briefings above and accept the structure as ready for use.