Having supplied marquees for over 100 years there is unlikely to be a question about a marquee we can’t answer! Some of the most common queries are answered on this page.
If you do need more advice please don’t hesitate to contact us.

About Marquees

The smallest marquee is 3m x 3m suitable for a trade stand at a show, or an entrance marquee on a larger structure.
The largest is 75m x 25m suitable for a large show or exhibition, we can also do longer lengths in other widths of structure.
The size of a marquee is dependent on the location, guest numbers and the individual event requirements. See our sizing advice here.
If your site is prone to standing water or has very soft and muddy ground, then your marquee would definitely benefit from a suspended floor, built above ground level. This floor can be timber floor boards built on a sub-frame and a fully integrated ring beam floor system which is supported underneath with packing material. We can also raise this floor up to around 2 metres to combat a particularly steep slope using a industry leading system called Florstak.
Alternatively, if your site is fairly level, we can lay an interlocking, wooden, lay flat type of floor. These boards have built in battens which lock together when laid and still give some separation from the ground. This type of flooring would follow the contours of the ground.
If your site is level and flat, then you do not necessarily need to have a wooden or suspended floor. Soft matting can be laid to the ground, with a waterproof underlay sheet laid beneath the matting to separate it from the ground.
A lined marquee (whether it be our traditional or clearspan marquee) is fitted with an Ivory pleated or flat interior lining to the roof and walls. It is completed with a pelmet of your colour choice which goes around the perimeter of the marquee at eave level.
If window walls are added then a curtain will be installed where the windows walls are placed. We can also install a darker starlight lining with twinkle controls to create a little bit more atmosphere within the marquee. An unlined marquee has no linings installed.
If a Clearspan Marquee is your preference we would recommend installing a lining if you are after a high level of finish. If the clearspan marquee has no linings, then the aluminium framework throughout the roof and walls will be visible. It is still possible to utilise an unlined clearspan marquee for an event if you do not mind the framework on show.
If however, you prefer the traditional marquee, then this is effectively your blank canvas. One of the most popular looks for wedding marquees & party marquees over the last couple of years has been our unlined traditional marquees. They offer a rustic, natural, “garden-party”, simplistic, country style look. They can be decorated with bunting, foliage, interior trinkets & natural lighting to compliment the theme. Ideal choice if you are after a simplistic natural rustic marquee.

The Marquee Site

Yes, we will be very happy to visit you on site free of any obligation to consult with you and provide a comprehensive free quotation.
Yes, if the site permits we can erect a frame unit adjacent to any building.
Yes, by using a cassette floor system that sits on a sub-frame and can be levelled to around 2m using a system to lift the floor designed by Florstak. It is possible to erect a marquee on almost any surface.
When pitching a marquee on grass it may be temporarily discoloured but it generally recovers quickly. It is best if grass is cut short beforehand to help installations and give a flatter surface for customers use within the marquee. Our work crew will do everything they can to keep the damage to a minimum.
Generally our marquees are installed and in place for a weekend event for approximately 6 days. During this time the grass may become discoloured. If the marquee is in situ for more than 5/6 days then the grass is at more risk of becoming tarnished.
Steel pegs are used to secure the marquee. These are installed into the ground and can go approximately 3 foot into the ground. These steel pegs will damage underground services such as water pipes, drainage, electricity cables etc if struck. Please advise us of any underground services that are in the area so that we can avoid them. We can scan for certain cables and pipes so please contact us if you are unsure.

Other Marquee Questions

The marquee is the hirer’s responsibility whilst on site and full details will be given with a quotation. It is very sensible to take out extra protection in case the equipment we hire to you is damaged or stolen whilst under the duration of your hire. Your home insurance may cover the risks of marquee hire as a separate bolt on, and if so, the average marquee we supply would require between £60,000 – £100,000 or cover.
We can give you a guideline price for your specific hire.
Burgoynes Marquees provides a full marquee hire service with health & safety a key part of the process. Our staff train to achieve StructureSafe licenses in safely erecting and dismantling marquees on site. All hire and workshop equipment is subject to regular checks and meet current industry guidelines. We care about the safety of our marquees, structures, equipment, staff and clients. We have full public liability insurance. Site surveys are carried out to ensure that we can safely install marquees at your venue. Risk assessments are available to give you peace of mind.
Burgoynes Marquees are members of MUTA. One of only a few companies in the area, and they will audit both our yard and marquee sites annually to ensure we are working safely and to the industries best practices.
Yes we can present a fully equipped complex with internal decor to your design and a complete range of support services including power distribution, heating and mobile toilets.
Yes, particularly during the out of season months, October – April can attract large discounts.
We tend to work within a 80 mile radius from our base in Lyonshall, Kington. However, please do not be put off if you are 80 miles from us. Talk to us about your marquee requirements and we would be happy to look at the distance.
The simple answer is yes you can use a marquee in winter. It is not as straightforward as a marquee in the summer months – but can certainly be achieved.
Winter Weddings and Parties are becoming increasingly popular. This is because everything can still be achieved to create your dream wedding in winter. The festive period can add that extra something special to your big day.
There are a couple of things that need to be considered if you are thinking about holding a winter wedding. First and foremost, in winter, heating is essential (unless you want to become a snowman yourself!) The heaters have to be used more and for longer in the winter than in the summer due to the obvious decrease in temperature. Doors will also be an added extra that will need to be included to keep all inside toasty warm, as you don’t want the table nearest the door getting a chill.
At this time of year a wooden floor is a must have. Ground can often be damp and saturated and a wooden floor will eliminate this. A final thing to think about is the weather itself…snow! The main concern with snow is the build-up that can develop on the marquee roof. So long as the heating is maintained so that the roof is heat insulated then the snow load should melt off. If there is snow on the ground – we can still work with this providing it is a light covering; however anything more substantial and we would ask that you take responsibility of clearing the site.
If you would like to talk to us about having a winter marquee, please give us a call.
To be able to use your own patio, garden or field is the most logical and economic choice. It offers you complete freedom of choice, requiring no planning permission; you have total freedom to create your own unique venue which is the most important element to any party.

Hire A Marquee

Whether you need to hire a classic traditional style marquee for a wedding or a grand clearspan structure for a festival we have the solution for you. We can custom build to fit your proposed site and also carry an extensive range of ancillary items.
We have been supplying marquees for over 100 years for weddings, parties, corporate events, festivals and agricultural shows.

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